CBS System

Our story

Our story started in 2007 with a simple challenge – can we create technology that addresses everyday business need and brings data closer to people who need it?


We chose two fronts of tacking this challenge: Advanced Analytics and Retail. We immediately set down with key business domain experts – In retail: CEOs, CFOs, category managers, store managers and in analytics – marketers, brand owners and sales experts. Business needs that these core business experts addressed are the foundation of technology and business content embedded in our solutions.


Since then we have been very activate in addressing arising needs of our users in each new release of our solutions. Complex and sophisticated technology does not sacrifice simplicity of usage and system implementation. This is what we strive to demonstrate to each of our customers.

In addition to that, our everyday mission of helping people see and understand data opens new fronts and challenges.

Our story


Milan Bjeloglav (CEO, co-founder)

Spent a decade in managing delivery of SAP strategic implementation programs and enterprise architecture design for SAP AG and SAP America. Designing and creating market research, Retail and Big Data anlaytics software solutions since 1999. Architect of SAP Financial Services, CBS Brand Pulse and CBS Retail Connect solutions. Always strives to map all business needs with technical solutions. Holds a master’s degree in information systems.


Dragiša Bjeloglav (strategic advisor, co-founder)

Statistician that co-founded and managed leading market research agency in South East Europe (Ipsos Adria today). Providing statistical consulting services for World Health Organization, World Bank, UNICEF and EuroStat since 1980s as the most recognized statistical expert in the Balkans. Deputy Director of Federal Bureau for Statistics of Yugoslavia 1984 – 1998. Dragisa played a major role in bringing CBS analytical content to life. Working with marketers, financials, corporate heads and other big data consumers, he addressed their data exploration and statistical needs in CBS software. Hold magistrate degree in statistics.
Boris Manola (CTO and development head, co-founder)

Technical / programming guru that was already recognized as top software developer at the age of 16 (when he became a member of Yugoslavian national team in programming). He mastered wide range of technologies ranging from Microsoft and Borland to Java and open source. Boris designed CBS framework as mix of best in class technologies on both server and UI side. This has resulted in highly scalable and flexible software platform which enables significant savings in implementation time and costs.