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CBS Analytics (BrandPulse)

What does it cover

Most of our customers have been very distant from the data they possessed and have uncovered only a small portion of analytical capabilities based on their data. CBS Analytics has bridged that gap and digested the data to serve it in a usable form on every level – operative, mid-management and executive.

Each analysis, no matter how complex it is, is made by drag&drop alone. There is no need for any scripting, robust menus or any technical / statistical expertise of end users.

Bringing data closer to business users is in essence main function of our in-memory analytical platform. We have covered many aspects of:

  • Data discovery
  • Advanced statistical analysis
  • Many aspects of Big Data and Data fusion
  • Data visualization
  • Single platform – connecting (market, consumer, media) research data, transactional data and unstructured data sources
  • Predictive analytics and machine learning
  • Planning and tracking realization of business plans

We have coupled our software with following services:

  • Data science (identify the right data and connect it in a right way)
  • Data processing and preparation
  • Research methodology consulting
  • Forecasting of whole industry (on global or market level)
Our story
RetailConnect is the only full/all-in retail and ERP system which is truly focused on retailer's needs. All aspects of crucial business domains have been adreesed to details in this solution, enabling our business to grow more than 20% every year since we are running CBS RetailConnect
Dragoljub Bjeloglav
CEO BB Trade
BB Trade AD
(130 supermarkets chain, Serbia)
Typical usage

all in one

Global brand owners and market researchers use our Brand Pulse package to track brand development, sales and consumer U&A in many markets.

They find it very useful that they can put all of their research data (brand, retail, media, U&A, mystery shopper and others) on single platform and also connect it to internal data (such as sales and P&L).

Futhermore, they are happy that they have decresed dependency on their research providers by using CBS services and products.



No need for data science department – our team configures all data extractions and imports, data integration as wee as end user dashboards.

Everything is deployed and ready for business users (markets, sales & marketing executives, brand managers and others).



Big retailers and wholesalers are running their business and measure all KPIs through our retail analytics.

Based on: Gross Margin, Turnover within period, Sales volume/value, Stock Value/volume, Write offs, Returns, Supplier discipline Ordered VS Received ration and others.

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