CBS System

Retail Connect (CBS ERP)

What is it about

Our wall-to-wall retail and wholesale solution suite (Retail Connect) addresses key challenges of trade business, such as price optimization: all level assortment management, promotions management, customer loyalty, Gross and net margin management, automated stock management and many others.


Retail connect also includes complete ERP set of modules – financials, controlling, payroll, AP & AR as well as e-commerce modules and B2B portals.


What makes Retail Connect unique – fast and balanced implementation cycle based on pre-pared business templates, immediate earnings (ROI is typically less than a year) and most importantly it’s made by retailers for retailers (business centricity). All of our business content is designed by leading retail and wholesale experts and business leaders.

Our story
Brand Pulse platform enabled us to have insight across all market intelligence. number cruching and advanced data minig has never been easier
Adam Vilalta
Director of Global Portfolio Strategy
Japan Tobbaco International

Key wins with Retail Connect

Operational excellence through centralized management of:

  • Processes (top level, regional, local)
  • Master Data (goods, retail stores, prices, assortments)
  • Staff decrease: Automation of processes
  • Stock value optimization – automated stock management
  • Real-time insight into all KPIs across processes and value chain
  • Connection to partners via e-commerce and B2B portals
  • Strong control across the board
  • Integrated analytics on operational and executive management levels

Business content

Centralized management of retail objects operations and all transactions.
Centralized optimization of price lists (margins), promotions and inventories.
Real time insight across the wall and advanced analytics.
Automation of process with approval workflows and detailed tracking capabilities.
Integration of whole value chain and organization.


  • Follows latest technological trends (web based, service oriented, in-memory)
  • Based on positive experiences with market leading solutions (SAP, Microsoft)
  • Easy enhancements, integration resulting in short term implementation
  • Platform independent (no additional licenses)
  • Security and user management with advanced profiling and workflow
  • Integration of whole value chain and organization
Assortment and goods management
  • Easier management of assortments through PS clustering – with granular adjustments
  • Seasonal (temporary) assortments and supplier assortments
  • Inclusion of regional and local staff in active role
  • Availability on all levels
  • Immediate insight into results of assortment changes
Retail stores network
  • Availability of data and transactions on all levels
  • Easy opening of new retail sites “ready to run”
  • Operations control through notifications and reports
  • Faster execution on operational level
Price list
  • Centralized standard prices through price levels applicable to local conditions
  • Specialized pricing campaigns – suppliers, calendar, time, regional, local
  • Real time adjustments and automated application to PS
  • Control on price application and impacts


  • Define vast range of promotions (combo, happy hour, customer selection…)
  • Business user focus: No IT involvement
  • Performance tracking of promotions effects


  • Company cards – credit and pre-paid
  • Loyalty programs – points and vouchers
  • Commercial customers and employee cards

Advanced and automated stock management

  • Two Modes: Central (HQ) and Local (PS) Initiated
  • Automated generation of purchase orders with flexible workflow (expensive and cheap stock)
  • Parameterization through master data entry (by business users directly)
    • Out of Stock prevention
    • Optimization of Stock value

Tracking and inventory management

  • Tracking of Suppliers’ deliveries with follow-up processes
  • Gastro – goods, materials and bill of materials
  • Strong control of write-offs, scraps and margin of errors
  • Easy management of partial and full inventories
Fast and reliable insight into all business processe and KPIS on any level
  • Sales trend tracking with deep dive on individual transactions
  • Supply chain and stock monitoring
  • Earnings (margins), Write offs, Dynamics (cycles)
  • Category insights – KPI drill down through hierarchical categorization
Fast from everywhere for everyone
  • Very fast and flexible in-memory web based analytical solution
  • Everyone can create everything – easy to use UI enables creation of vast combination of analysis
  • Easy report and analysis definition
  • Share stored analysis
  • Define your own KPI tracking dashboards
  • Management and Operational level
  • Graphical and Data driven drill-down
  • For business users – No need for IT help
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