About us:

Our story started in 2007 with a simple challenge – to create technology that collects data, turns into information and finally into action.

We have consolidated vast experience from market research, retail, data science and enterprise software domains and turned it into software solutions. These solutions today are addressing key business challenges of marketeers, researchers and retailers to discover insights and turn them into actions.

Sophisticated technology we embedded into our solutions brings simplicity for complex analytics, customer centricity and retail business operations. This is what we strive to demonstrate to each of our customers.

Our everyday mission of helping people see and understand data opens new fronts and challenges.
Our Co-founders

Meet our exclusive team members


Milan Bjeloglav

CEO, ​ co-founder ​

Creating market research, retail and advanced analytics software solutions since 1999. Awarded by SAP continuously while leading strategic SAP programs globally for over a decade. ​

Architect of CBS BrandPulse, CBS Retail and SAP FS Solutions. Driven by addressing business needs with best fit solutions in analytical and data processing domains.​


Boris Manola

CTO, ​ co-founder ​

Programming guru that was already recognized as top software developer at the age of 16, when he became a member of the Yugoslavian national programming team. ​

He mastered a wide range of technologies and designed CBS framework on both server and UI side. This work has resulted in highly scalable and flexible software platform used to develop all CBS solutions.​


Dragiša Bjeloglav

Head of Statistics, ​ co-founder​

One of the most recognized statisticians in Balkans who co-established and managed the leading market research agency in SEE (sold to Ipsos). Providing statistical consulting services for World Health Organization, World Bank, UNICEF and EuroStat. ​

Dragisa leads our data science department, brings advanced statistics to our analytical content and makes them usable for business.​