CBS BrandPulse Overview

CBS BrandPulse offers analytics for full understanding of consumers, market landscape and trade.

It enables brands to fully connect to consumers and create marketing strategies to optimally segment, smart target and activate them.

Get all insights centrally & quickly​

  • Consolidate all researches in one place – data & insights discovery​
  • Connect insights from market research, retail, baskets and digital​
  • Dashboards and cross tabs simplify complex analytics​

Segment, Target and Position​

  • Easy segmentation and targeting of customers, shops & products ​
  • Consumer journey and pricing driven product positioning ​
  • Switching, pricing and baskets driver analysis​

Convert Insights to Actions​

  • Create personalized propositions based on AI recommenders​
  • Launch targeted quick surveys to understand consumer choices​
  • Proactively act on churn and shopping patterns​

BrandPulse: Enabling Data Driven Brand’s Strategies

Analytics to Actions Flow with BrandPulse

Marketing & CRM

Sales & Trade

The ability to fuse and turn M&S data into focused insights and actions,
makes Brand Pulse a instrumental tool for marketers

Full mining of ALL Insights, Across All Data

  • Consolidate all research data and insights discovery in once place
  • Consolidate insights from research, retail audit, shopping baskets and CRM
  • Create complex analysis in easy and guided manner
  • All relevant indicators for all data sources
  • System generated segments and attributes
  • User defined segments and target groups

Consumer And Shopper Segmentations Through Customer Journeys

  • Easy and highly flexible segment definition by business users
  • Built-in research and shopping driven segmentations
    • Demographic / Geo  
    • Lifestyle / Psychographic 
    • Behavioural / Shopping
    • Media exposure
  • Ready to use segments + 
  • Quick & easy custom segmentations

Product Positioning and Portfolio Strategy

Interactive brand boards connecting sales and consumer insights guiding towards optimal product positioning. Configurable by any market and product dimension.

Smart Targeting Customers for Activations from Dashboards

  • Target customers directly from dashboards and reports based on insights
  • Use built-in segments as well ad-hoc -user defined segments for dynamic targeting
  • Use any combination KPI and data component for niche targeting
  • AI supported targeting – recommender scoring and other predictions
  • Step into action with one click within BrandPulse automated marketing flow 
    • insights discovery
    • smart targeting 
    • activations

Fast Surveys and Promotions for targeted groups of shoppers

  • Activate Customers Directly and based on insights
  • Quick setup and launch surveys or promo messages
  • Create personalized promotional discounts and send them to POS end E-comm site

Predictive analytics – Consumer and Sales Drivers and Forecasting

Conduct robust analysis of which factors are driving:
  • Consumer’s choices
  • Sales trends
  • Automate predictive model testing and choice
  • Analyse and extend time series of key drivers

BrandPulse and CBS Services in Analytical Cycle

How CBS and BrandPulse support each stage of analytical lifecycle