Key Success Cases – CBS BrandPulse

Japan Tobacco International (JTI) – HQ

  • Global Consumer & Retail Advanced Analytics
    • Optimized Portfolio Strategy across brands and regions resulting in increased SOM% in key markets
  • Global Market Forecasting Platform across conventional and RRP tobacco industry
    • Optimized global investment strategy

NIS Gazprom Neft – South East Europe

  • CRM – personalized customer offers, shopper segmentation and smart targeting
    • First retailer overall in SEE to fully personalize shopper offers and communication 
    • Double digit YoY loyalty sales value increase and customer churn decrease

Ipsos Adria and MENA

  • All insights from most complex consumer tracking programs over 30+ FMCG categories to brand owners
  • Deliver media consumption tracking program
  • Connect media and consumer tracking for holistic marketing campaign design 

Key Success Cases – RetailConnect

Shell (MotorOil) Croatia

  • Central Retail system, Wholesale, ERP
  • Retail Organic growth 450+% in 5 years
  • Wholesale and distribution YoY 20%+
  • Optimized global investment strategy resulting in increased OCC

NIS Gazprom Neft – South East Europe

  • Run all retail business operations (Head Office Retail System and BI)
    • Supply chain and assortment optimization. Operating Profit increase each year since production
    • Double digit increase in market share in Serbia, Bulgaria, Bulgaria and Romania


  • POS-BOS-Central Retail-ERP
  • Organic growth from 25 shops – 170 shops in 8 years
  • From small to TOP 5 performing retailers in Serbia