RetailPulse: Overview

With CBS RetailPulse, retail chains and e-commerce orgs fully base decision making on most relevant insights, segment and smart target customers with personalized offers and surveys.

Get all KPIs across value chain

  • All procurement, stock and sales KPIs for all dimensions of business
  • Dashboards and cross tabs simplify complex analytics to drag & drop
  • Rich retail and e-commerce analytics
  • Easy creation of custom content by business users

Make customers feel valued

  • Advanced customer segmentations and smart targeting
  • Personalized offers created by AI and guided by business users
  • Customer churn prevention​
  • Customer voice customized surveys

Monetize digital & offline data

  • Smart targeting for campaigns – products, sites, customers​
  • Cross-sell boost with basket analysis and sales predictions
  • Analytics to brands: sales & shopper big data panels​

RetailPulse: Enabling Customer Centric Strategies

Analytics to Actions Flow with BrandPulse

All Insights for Data Driven Strategy of Retailers

Marketing & CRM

Full mining of Insights -> Across All Data -> Fast & Easy

  • Consolidate all research data and insights discovery in once place
  • Consolidate insights from research, retail audit, shopping baskets and CRM
  • Create complex analysis in easy and guided manner
  • All relevant indicators for all data sources
  • System generated segments and attributes
  • User defined segments and target groups

Customer Segmentations and Churn Analysis

Segmenting – Smart Targeting – Activating Customers

  • Target customers directly from dashboards and reports based on any criteria
  • AI supported targeting and proposition recommendations
  • Use built-in and ad-hoc user defined segments for dynamic and easy targeting
  • Use any combination KPI and data component for niche targeting
  • Integrated flow: Segment –> smart target -> activate customers  

Data monetization to Brands

1) Retailer will strengthen relationship to brands and monetize Big Data 2) Brands will get for retailer’s POS, Loyalty and E-comm data:
  • Real-time actionable insights on consumers
  • Most useful consumer  and shop segmentations
  • Most optimal way to target shoppers and campaigns

Personalized Activations Thru Surveys and Promotions

  • Make inishgts actionable from any dasbhaord or report 
  • Quickly setup and launch surveys or promotions to niche targets
  • Use predefined or custom templates
  • Create personalized promotional discounts and send them to POS end E-comm site

Category Management Insights

Sales Forecasting – Predictive Analytics

Basket Analysis