CBS RetailPulse
RetailPulse: Overview
With CBS RetailPulse, retail chains and e-commerce orgs fully base decision making on most relevant insights, segment and smart target customers with personalized offers and surveys.

Get all KPIs across value chain

Make customers feel valued

Monetize digital & offline data

RetailPulse: Enabling Customer Centric Strategies

Analytics to Actions Flow with BrandPulse

All Insights for Data Driven Strategy of Retailers

Full mining of ALL Insights
(Deep dive into all data dimensions across all KPIs)

Marketing & CRM
Customer Segmentation and Churn Analysis
Customer Personalized Offers and Targeting
Consumer & Shopper Smart Targeting
Personalised Promotions and Surveys
Sales & Trade
Optimize retail operations

Sales Forecasting and Planning
(Sales drivers analysis, planning and forecasting)

Basket Analysis
(Get cross-sell opportunities)

Full mining of Insights -> Across All Data -> Fast & Easy

Customer Segmentations and Churn Analysis

Segmenting – Smart Targeting – Activating Customers

Data monetization to Brands

Personalized Activations Thru Surveys and Promotions

Sales Forecasting – Predictive Analytics

Category Management Insights

Basket Analysis

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