Consolidated Market Research Advanced Analytics

Wholistic Research Insights Platform

  • Consolidate all research data and insights discovery in once place
  • Consolidate insights from research, retail audit, shopping baskets and CRM
  • Create complex analysis in easy and guided manner
  • All relevant indicators for all data sources
  • System generated segments and attributes
  • User defined segments and target groups

Consumer Segmentations Thru Customer Journeys

  • Easy and highly flexible segment definition by business users
  • Ready to use segments + Quick & easy custom segmentations
  • Define consumer segments directly from reports and dashboards
  • Advanced ML based segmentations
  • Built-in research and shopping driven segmentations
    • Demographic / Geo  
    • Lifestyle / Psychographic 
    • Behavioural / Shopping
    • Media exposure
    • Can be connected to any research component

Consumer Product Switching

  • Analyse consumers’ switching between products on all levels (SKU, Brand, Flavour, any product attribute)
  • Understand who are the swtichiers and what makes them different to consumer loyal to given brand
  • Understand what are the key drivers for switching
  • Analyse switching within different consumer segments
  • BrandPulse automates switching analysis on all levels so that users can focus on most important trends and their drivers

Product Portfolio Optimization

CBS Media Pulse Components